Sunday, 15 June 2014

So what's been happening the last month?

It's been about a month since I've updated this blog. Things have been a bit crazy lately and I've hardly found the time so catch up on things that I've needed to.

So since I've last updated my blog I've been working like crazy, travelling on the tube to much, reading, baking, seeing people like Charlie Simpson, Kina Grannis and Imaginary Future and have a migraine for the last 2 days. Yay for life!

For anyone who follows me on Instagram (@ruthdandilly) you'd see my daily snaps and thoughts in photo form. For those that don't, you can see some of the lovely things I've been doing (with who other than my partner in everything, Daniel below)

Dan and I went to go and see Charlie Simpson at the O2 Academy in Islington. After a really great show and asking two people to shut up since they insisted on talking throughout the entire gig, we took a lovely stroll and walked to Highbury & Islington. It looks like there's some amazing restaurants there and strangely we saw a group of people circled around a mouse on the pavement watching it sneek some food it found. It was like the people of Islington had never seen a mouse before. So bizarre.

The weekend following, Dan and I went to go and see the dried up crispy mammoth at the Natural History Museum. It was pretty incredible to see something that old up close. It was amazing how well preserved it really put a perspective on time and how really insignificant some things are in the space of time.

Below is also a really awesome sculpture Dan and I found in a shop near Oxford Street. Would totally have bought this... if I could have afford it.

The weekend following I met up with an old friend I went to school with many many years ago. Tom Starr. (or to me, TomStarrFace). I met up with him and his lovely girlfriend Jess and I'm pretty sure I made them yawn for 4 hours chatting to them about life and old times. Still, it was great seeing him since it has been about 4 years since we last saw each other.

The weekend following saw Dan and I celebrating our 1st year anniversary in London. It brought about some exciting conversations about the future and where we see ourselves in another year. A year in London has gone incredibly quickly but it's also been an amazing learning curve full of tears and laughter and happiness :) Thank you to everyone who's supported us.

Last week also saw my big brother, Jules turn the ripe old age of 25. TWENTY-FIVE! My gosh, I remember when I was giving him presents for his 10th birthday. Still, he's grown into an exceptional human being with a passion and love for photography which is clearly evident throughout all his work. You can see his website here, and he's got a new one coming real soon too! Will definitely update you when it's up and running.

Last week also saw me seeing a long time American singer songwriter I admire, Kina Grannis and her husband, Imaginary Future. Having followed her on youtube for about 6 years, I never thought I'd get the opportunity to see her. Then, I see her twice in one week. Simply amazing! 

And also, I couldn't write a post on the 15th June 2014 without taking a paragraph to talk about my dear Dad. This photo was taken when I was living in Hong Kong in 2013. It's at some point on this roof that he told me I should come home, after only 6 months of being there, move to London and carry on doing design and something I love. That's exactly what I did. If he hadn't guided me and taken the time to talk to me, I wouldn't be in the amazing place that I am now. So Dad, thank you for everything you've done and everything you continue to do. Not just for me, but for everyone around you. You give a lot of yourself and it never, ever goes unnoticed.

I love you, pops.

And finally, if you're still reading by this point I just want to say thank you. I've rambled on for quite some time now. This is the last little bit of the post, I promise.
Today Dan and I went to Portobello Road and visited Jamie's Recipease shop. Dan bought us an amazing lunch - possibly one of the best lunch's I've had in London, and I bought us some cookie dough and some brownie mix with some lovely cake tins to go with. Definitely pop by the shop and but some chocolate and peanut butter cookie dough (if you can't find is ask them to make it up for you!) and have something to eat in the restaurant. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Papa C's Birthday in London

This week saw my pops down in London for a couple of days. During his stay, it was his birthday so Dan and I decided to take him out and do something nice.

Seeing Dad wearing his shades, listening to music walking in the London summer sunshine, I have to say not only did he look younger than his age but looked so cool! He told me he was walking down the Mall when he saw David Cameron jogging with some security guards. He managed to grab a few snaps of the sweaty Prime Minister.

I took him to St. Paul's for the sung Eucharistic service. There was a choir and they used the incense which was so so nice. The church was beautiful too, so grand and full of history. After that, we went for a coffee and headed to Soho to go for a lovely Thai meal together.

The lovely TomYam soup that Dad and I love.

Our eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies. We ordered too much, and ate too much, but it was just so so nice! We walked out of there holding our tummies!

After we got in, Dan and I surprised him with a yummy Lemon Drizzle sponge with some candles - you can't have a birthday and not have a birthday cake!

It was a really lovely couple of days :) Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, Dad :)

Saturday, 10 May 2014

I'm published in a book! Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology by Barrie Tullett, Laurence King Publishing

The title of this post pretty much says it all but I'm still over the moon that I'm featured in a book put together by my former University Lecturer, Barrie Tullett. 

Last year I received an email asking if I'd like to be in the book, and of course I felt extremely honoured to be asked. After a few problems with knowing if it could be featured or not, I received confirmation that it would in fact be published in the book in May 2014. 

Lo and behold, I bought the book from Laurence King Publishing and was over the moon when it arrived - just in time for the beautiful bank holiday!

So here we are, the book I'm featured in by Barrie Tullett...

(If you are interested in buying the book, buy it directly from Laurence King Publishing as then the lovely author receives royalties.)

Nice one. So chuffed!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Tues 22 April 2014 - The Metro - Barrie Tullett 'A Modern Anthology of Typewriter Art'

So on Tuesday, it was the first day back to work after a long bank holiday weekend. The tube and overground lines were playing up. As if getting up at 6:30am wasn't hard enough I had to take an alternative route into work.

However, I was soon smiling when I was reading the Metro on my phone and I saw a name that I recognised, my former university tutor, Barrie Tullett.

He was featured in the Metro because he's complied a book named 'A Modern Anthology of Typewriter Art' and I extremely honoured to say that I'm featured in this book which is going to be published by Laurence King Publishing which is released next month.

Read the article here: Barrie's Tullett's article in the Metro

Monday, 21 April 2014

The Week Illustration: Family Matters

A few weeks ago Dan and I had a job in for an illustration for an Newspaper called 'The Week'. On Thursday last week, the illustration went live on their homepage.
It's an interactive which discusses all of the common questions and worries than family member have for one another, which then links through to articles answering them. Check it our via this link to their homepage or the images below.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Arthur Razor - Website Launch!

Yes, this is a very belated post, as most of you know!

A couple of weeks ago, DANDILLY (Dan and I's newly formed design duo freelance business!) had the pleasure of launching Arthur Razor's brand new website. Having been working hard on the designs for a couple of months, we finally launched the site on April Fool's with a cheeky 404 page...(click here to see it!)

We're super pleased with the site, and it was fantastic working with Arthur Razor. 
You might even find a few very interesting testimonials too. Having initially emailing Tim Vincent (former Blue Peter presenter) the site to see what he thought, he tweeted it before it even went live.
Deary me! 

It all ended very well though, and Arthur Razor has had excellent feedback, including that of an employee of Google with also a dramatic increase of their online bookings.

You can see this project on our website and live at

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Birthday & Parents, Meeting Russell Howard, Lion King

So the past few weeks have been pretty crazy! Since my last post on the 23rd, I've had a wonderful birthday where I turned yet another year older, (to my horror!). I remember freaking out when I turned 20 which Dan remembers very well, I'm sure.

I went to work as usual and was presented with lovely a lovely birthday cake from my colleagues, cards and a lovely bunch of flowers from my in-laws.

After work I headed home where I shortly received a buzzer from the door with "Flowers for Ms Clannne!" I headed downstairs to open the door thinking "I know that voice, but where? I think it sounds like my Dad but he's not visiting until Thursday" before I opened the door to find both my parents stood outside with flowers and presents saying "Happy Birthday!" Dan was in on it too...

After getting all their bags (technically my bags for presents) up the stairs, we sat down and had a culpa before Dan came in with his cheeky smile. He'd booked a table at the local Italian-pub round the corner that does amazing food. We had drinks, food, good conversation followed by yet another yummy birthday cake!

Heading home, we were all stuffed and I opened my presents for everyone, then headed off to bed.

The next evening I met my parents in Covent Garden as one of the gifts that Dan got me was tickets to see the Lion King musical as its on my 30 before 30 list. Click here to read more about that.
As I was waiting for my parents, who should I see catch my eye other than the great Russell Howard. Quick chat, photograph and he was on his way. What a nice chap, and he smelt so good. My parents were really jealous, but what a great way to start the evening!

We met Dan, headed to the show and sat back and watched an incredible musical. My parents managed to get tickets for this too but they were sat at the other side of the theatre to us. The props, production and actors/actresses were incredible. I remember watching the Lion King almost every week as a child so I knew the lines perfectly. It was so wonderful that I almost cried. The powerful African music and orchestra just took my breath away.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a very special few days. You're all lovely and I love you lots!