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This page is dedicated to my new little project which is called 'Ruth's Reads.' What I'm simply doing is slowly going through the too-many-too-count unread books on my bookshelf that I've collected over the years.

15th December 2014
Leaving Time -Jodi Picoult
Rating -- (reading now)

16th November 2014
Songs of the Humpback Whale -Jodi Picoult
Rating 5/5

19th October 2014
A sting in the tale -Dave Goulson
Rating 5/5

12th September 2014
The Goldfinch -Donna Tartt
Rating 5/5

7th September 2014
Many Masters, Many Lives -Dr Brian Weiss
Rating 5/5

26th August 2014
Before I Go To Sleep -S. J. Watson
Rating 5/5

4th August 2014
Keeping Faith -Jodi Picoult
Rating 5/5

3rd August 2014
Replay -Ken Grimwood
Rating 5/5

12th July 2014
The Pact -Jodi Picoult
Rating 4/5

7th July 2014
Fractured -Dani Atkins
Rating 3/5

22nd June 2014
The Lone Wolf -Jodi Picoult
Rating 4/5

4th June 2014

The Storyteller -Jodi Picoult
Rating 5/5

15th May 2014
The RailwayMan -Eric Lomax
Rating 5/5

20th April 2014
Everything is Illuminated -Jonathan Safran Foer
Rating 4/5

10th April 2014
My Sister's Keeper -Jodi Picoult
Rating 4/5

23rd March 2014
Eat, Pray, Love --Elizabeth Gilbert
Rating 5/5

4th March 2014
Life after life --Kate Atkinson
Rating 5/5

4th February 2014
The Dating Detox --Gemma Burgess
Rating 5/5

3rd February 2014
Mad About the boy --Helen Fielding
Rating 5/5

27th January 2014
The Husband's Secret --Liane Moriarty
Rating 5/5

14th January 2014
12 Years A Slave --Soloman Northup
Rating 5/5

7th January 2014
And the Mountains Echoed --Khaled Hosseini
Rating 5/5

19th October 2013
'21 Speeches That Shaped Our World' --Chris Abbott

15 August 2013
'When God was a Rabbit' --Sarah Winman

22 May 2013
'Enna Burning' --Shannon Hale
Rating 3/5

15th May 2013
'The Goose Girl' --Shannon Hale
Rating 4/5

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