Friday, 26 July 2013

Don't mean to brag or anything.

But loooook!!

I took these photos the other day when Dan was caught in a conversation with the little old man from downstairs. I got a little bit distracted and started watching the honey bees on the flowers.

I actually took this on Saturday but just assumed the shots were rubbish because the bee was buzzing around the flowers to fast but I couldn't have been more wrong!

Looook!! This photo is awesome!... (a little fuzzy but still!) And it was taken on my iphone which makes this twice as impressive!

So, there you have it. An over-excited Ruthay and a lovely close up of a honey bee...(did I mention it was taken on my iphone?! Oh yeah....sorry.)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


On Monday I had a wonderful surprise delivery of the most beautiful bouquet of sunflowers.

Anyone who knows me well enough will know these are my favourite flower. They brighten up any room and they always look so happy.

Dan sent me these flowers as a surprise. It is so thoughtful. With a little note as well :)

Thank you Daniel, you are simply the sweetest :) I'm a lucky lady!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Here is today

I came across the website a few weeks ago and I've been meaning to share it.

It's called 'HERE IS TODAY' and shows you how you are such a small part of a huge existence.

It shows you in a illustrative form the extend of time. It's so great.

Have a look, it will make you seem small, almost insignificant (but in a humbling way).

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

'Enna Burning' - Shannon Hale

So back in May 2013, I dedicated a whole page to my new project which was 'A book a week'.

I did great!... Up until my second week in. I read 'The Goose Girl' by Shannon Hale which was a lovely book to read. You can see the review here.

I've finally had a little more time to finish the follow on book called 'Enna Burning'. As said in a previous post, I've been busy with my new job and moving to London with Dan that I simply have been short of time.

I personally found the introduction to this really slow and I found myself putting it down a few times because I was getting a little bored. I stuck it out though and about a third of the way into the book, it really began to pick up and I started to get into it. It was quite interesting how this book changes to the character Enna, as though she is telling the story when it the last book, 'The Goose Girl', this was written about her from the narrative of a character called Isi. Isi is still a character in this book so it's nice to see a flip, but still know their history as characters and friends.

By 3/4 of the way in, I literally couldn't put the book down and chapter after chapter flew by. I was captivated in the intensity of what was happening to the characters. Much like 'The Goose Girl', the story quickened towards the end and I found that the book ended too soon and everything I thought would happen, happened. I guess this is a little disappointing. I would have preferred if the author, Shannon would have made the beginning a little quicker so I could go on and enjoy the rest of the book and feel as though it lasted a little longer!

But still, Shannon's writing is so clever and descriptive. I don't want to repeat myself and say what I said in the last review of her book. It will be interesting to read her other books and she is she still uses the same writing style and the same subject of pretty much, mystical fairy tale type stories. If anyone is after an easy read, this is no doubt a great book. If you don't like strange names- stay away! Those who read my last review on 'The Goose Girl' would know what I meant!

Haha, thanks for reading again. I'll update again in a week or so.



Saturday, 6 July 2013

Find me on Linkedin

Hey folks -

You can now find me on Linkedin.

For those of you that don't know, Linkedin is a business-oriented network site.

Find me on this link: Ruthay is on Linkedin !

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Best GIFS for designers. Ever.

So my colleague sent me this the other week: 'This Advertising Life' .

It is a collection of GIFs that have simply have the title change to something design related.

For example: A GIF of a cat's head moving crazilly titled 'Witnessing a major disagreement between account folks and my creative director'.

Any designer/advertiser or create person can relate to these. They are hilarious. Check out the link: 'This Advertising Life'