Saturday, 31 August 2013


These are just a few of the most gorgeous sunsets that Dan and I get to see outside our flat window in London. Lovely eh? :)

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Timbergram Postcard Prints!!

In April & May 2013, I was asked by the Creative Director at Timbergram to create some original designs for them. I produced two sets of designs for their new 2013 collection. 

Don't they look lovely?! :) 

You can see my previous post here about my work being featured at the Timbergram Stall in Earl's Court in May! 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bumble Bee + Coffee = Happy Ruthay

Today a bumble bee joined me for coffee. He was soft and fuzzy :)

That's all :)

Am I going to be published?! ... An Anthology of Typewriter Art by Barrie Tullet

I was thrilled to recieve an email yesterday from my former Graphic Design tutor, Barrie. I received an email a few months ago asking if my work can be featured in his book 'An Anthology of Typewriter Art'. Of course, I was over the moon and sent my work across.

Then a few weeks later I received an email saying the copyright might not be cleared for the extract of text that I used from the book and they were waiting for confirmation from the publishers. It didn't look too good.

But behold! Yesterday the copyright was cleared and I will now be definitely featured in the book. 

The print run will be approximately 10,000 and it's expected to be published in April 2014 by Laurence King Publishing 'now recognised as one of the world's leading publishers of books on the creative arts.' 

I'm absolutely thrilled to bits and so honoured to be asked to be a part of it.

I won't give away the photograph of the typographic piece I created because I don't want to spoil the surprise ;)

Watch this space!!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

London: Davie Bowie Exhibition at the V&A

This weekend saw my mum and I going to the V&A Museum to see David Bowie's exhibition. It was absolutely fantastic! I booked tickets in advance so we obviously got straight in (after accidentally cutting the queue without realising..oops!) It took us about two hours to go around and we saw all of his outfits and costumes. We each has headsets which played his music at certain points to correspond with what we were looking at. It was all incredible. Right at the end, we go into this large room which played his live videos and recordings in small intervals. Once the screen stopped, behind them you could see all of his most famous costumes. It was just fantastic. Plus, right at the end when I took my headset off, I managed to get it completely tangled in my curls which both my mum and the security woman had to help un-tangle. Smooth.

Unfortunately, I couldn't take many photos because people were stood around with hawk-eyes making sure you didn't take any. Such a shame!
We bought lots of things from the gift-shop including this plectrum :) 

After the exhibition, Dan met us for lunch at Nando's and we filled our bellies with chicken before heading to Harrods. I planned to take Mum to the chocolate cafe, Godvia -so we did just that. We accidentally got lost in harrods and ended up in the art section looking at moving sculptures for £83,000. Once we found our way and bounced our way through the ever so soft carpets, and having listened to an opera singer leaning over the escalator from a window much like the one of Romeo and Juliet, we found the cafe.

Oh how handsome. 
Mum and I ordered the chocolate fondu with yummy things to dip it. It was absolutely gorgeous. We couldn't finish it all though so we had to eventually admit defeat.

So good! 
After that we headed to Covent Garden and looked around before walking to Trafalgar Square to see the big blue cockerel. Once we stopped there to take a few photos and have a sit down, we headed past downing street and went to see Big Ben. After a few photos there we decided to head home since we were all pretty exhausted.

It was so nice to have my Mum down and spend time with her. She finally got to see mine and Dan's flat which she couldn't stop saying how lovely it was :) 

Thanks for coming down Momma :) X