Monday, 30 April 2012

Daniel's drawings!

My very talented boyfriend, Daniel Haigh has just done some drawings for his collaborative project on our course. Here's some fantastic drawings that he's done. You can see his work on Behance by clicking here.

Bee Cup-cakes!

My two best friends came to see me yesterday. I've been pretty stressed out with my work lately so my lovely friend Laura, baked me bee cakes! She says she was procrastinating from writing her dissertation. What can you do instead of writing a dissertation? Bake your best friend bee cakes to surprise her!

I have the greatest friends ever :)

A few photos from yesterday :) 

Hand-made ring from Israel

Here is a photograph of my new beautiful hand-made ring from Israel. It has an initial 'D' as my partner's name is Daniel. It sits perfect with my other favourite diamond ring that my family bought me for Christmas. I am in love with it! You can buy them from Etsy. Click here to see the jewellery work from Binster.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

David Bowie -Diamond Dogs Vinyl Design - New Project!

My David Bowie 'Diamond Dogs' vinyl cover design.

Known as the 'Red Reveal' effect, David Bowie changes from a man to a dog by a simple play of colour and red acetate.

In the Sheets- New Project!

In the Sheets is a project inspired by my personal dream diary.  I have suffered from insomnia for a number of years, when I do finally sleep, I have very strange dreams. Because these dreams were so strange, a friend who is also a poet suggested I write them down. From this, I decided to base my project on these dreams. The dreams range from fun, to strange to interesting to very dark. I was also heavily inspired by Sam Winston’s ‘Solace’ piece.

The text is hand-cut and scanned in to give the effect of depth and to allow them to flow in a wave form, to present the brain waves we have when we sleep. The material is very thin tracing paper, which allows the text to be seen through on either side to represent the lucid dreams.

I decided to create 5 short stories, as there are 5 stages of sleep. The typeface has 5 different weights, all of which change depending on the sleep stage. Each story explains the stage of sleep and also picks out particular words. These words are given a dictionary definition. The words are explored to see what it means to dream about ‘swimming’ for example. 

At the end of the story is a separate page of my scanned personal dream diary to add an element of reality to these unusual dreams.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Vote for image 2 for PHOTOGRAPHY MONTHLY!

Ladies & Gents!! Get voting for IMAGE NUMBER TWO! This is a fantastic opportunity for a young up and coming photographer to get his images on the front of PHOTOGRAPHY MONTHLY!!  Click here to see Julian's work!! Texts cost only you your standard network charge (free for anyone on contract!). Any votes would be incredibly appreciated! :) Text 'PM, cover, 2' to 80058

Texts were originally charged 25p + your standard network charge. HOWEVER, this is now NOT the case due to a mis-print in MAY'S magazine. 

SO, that means that if you're on contract, ITS FREE!! (So no excuses!!) See PHOTOGRAPHER MONTHLY'S WEBSITE HERE if you'd like to make sure I'm not having you on :) 

Friday, 20 April 2012

My lovely new phone case!

My brother is a photographer. He has his work on a website called Society6. Click here to see it. 
I bought one of his prints on an iphone case called 'Spring Blossom'. What a beautiful phone case! I'm so happy with it. It's lovely quality and the photo printed on it is perfect. For anyone who is looking for a one-off case. Check out his work. It's excellent!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dissertation all done!


I cannot be happier to be putting this up!

I want to thank my parents for putting up with my constant phone calls! And my mum for scrutinising every 59 pages of this dissertation to make sure it was right!

I will be creating a digital copy of this able to send out for anyone who wants a read. It's a pleasantly surprising read.

Inspirational Women in Design. 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

If I were a boy- Acoustic Cover

Click on the link above to see my new acoustic cover of Beyonce's 'If I were a boy'.  About time I got a new video up on youtube! I hope you enjoy :) R x

Friday, 13 April 2012

London Film Prints

I'm so excited to finally share these, I've been waiting to get them done for weeks! Here are the film photo's taken on my boyfriend, Dan's lomography camera whilst we were in London for my 21st last month.

I love them!

 One more set to come!