Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Vote for image 2 for PHOTOGRAPHY MONTHLY!

Ladies & Gents!! Get voting for IMAGE NUMBER TWO! This is a fantastic opportunity for a young up and coming photographer to get his images on the front of PHOTOGRAPHY MONTHLY!!  Click here to see Julian's work!! Texts cost only you your standard network charge (free for anyone on contract!). Any votes would be incredibly appreciated! :) Text 'PM, cover, 2' to 80058

Texts were originally charged 25p + your standard network charge. HOWEVER, this is now NOT the case due to a mis-print in MAY'S magazine. 

SO, that means that if you're on contract, ITS FREE!! (So no excuses!!) See PHOTOGRAPHER MONTHLY'S WEBSITE HERE if you'd like to make sure I'm not having you on :) 

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