Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hello FIFA V, Bye-Bye Boyfriend

So I bought Fifa for Dan on Friday but it only came yesterday. He spent a whole 4 hours on it yesterday and I just got bored so I went in the bedroom and ended up sleeping.

Every chance he gets, he's on it! My weekend has been spent literally watching him play FIFA. I go to the bathroom, come back and BOOM FIFA is on.

I feel sorry for any other girl living with their other half who likes xbox games and football.

He did cook me yummy dinner though, so I'll let him off.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

EE should be NN

Yeah, EE, that's exactly how I say it when I'm becoming wound up just talking to people about your network. You know, when I'm spreading the word about your crap service, except the (take a breath) bit is sometimes filled with profanities.

So then, this post has been long overdue.

The new phone network EE (Everything, Everywhere (more formally known to myself and many other pissed off customers as NN (Nothing, Nowhere))) has recently established itself on the market, combing both Orange and t-Mobile for a 'better' and 'more reliable service'.

I've been an Orange customer since getting my very first samsung pay as you go phone  when I was about 13. I've never had a problem with Orange until they merged to create EE. Since the merge, the company has gone so fast down hill, faster than Miley Cyrus coming back down her mountain. 

Here's a list of just a few things that I have personally experienced from their terrible, poor and lacking service;

• Crap customer service (see the following)
 Customer service representatives (CSR's) that deliberately hang up on you
 CSR's that offer a call back which is never received
 CSR's that don't know what day of the week it is never mind what company they work for
 CSR's that can't read simple instructions from your account and sending you to an Android department instead of an Apple department.

A-N-D-R-O-I-D  A-P-P-L-E

Yep, I can clarify that they are two very different words. 

To continue ...

 CSR's saying completely different things and contradicting each other. For example, one said there 
  was a update needed on my phone and there is no signalling fault in the area, and another saying that
  there has been for over a week - and both in the space of an hour. Wow. 
• Rude and incapable staff in-store whom also contradict each other. 
 CSR's lying to get you to put you onto another department because they are so unskilled they don't
   know what else to do (some do hang up the phone as previously mentioned)
• Being put onto CSR's that can't speak clear and concise English and therefore having severe difficulty
  in trying to decipher what they are saying, asking them to constantly repeat themselves which takes
  more time than actually getting the issue addressed
 Admin which are unable to write back to a simple black and white letter after a generous 4 weeks
  despite sent special (and expensive) signed for delivery.
• Somehow having the time to send letters about switching broadband to them but not having time to
  respond to my letter.
 CSR's saying it my phone that is faulty. Two things EE,
    - Apple has run a diagnostic on the handset and nothing showed up
    - If the handset is faulty, surely you should stop giving out faulty handsets or replace those which
      appear faulty (FREE OF CHARGE)
• CSR's that say I have to pay a charge to leave the company and terminate my contract despite my
  consumer rights being breached formally known as the 'Supply of Goods Act 1982'
Unable to be put through to a manager because there are none available

Now, I am not someone to complain and get all arsey but seriously EE, you are the worst complained about phone company in the whole of the UK. Why don't you find the time to address these issues instead of proceeding to taking money and not delivering a service to your customers?

As a customer of EE, I say to browsing, looking for a contract customers, not to even consider EE. For existing customers (which I am sorry to say that I am), do not renew your contract once it meets its end. Go with a rival company which offers better customer service and with a company that actually delivers its service.

For now, I can safely say the EE, Everything Everywhere (NN, Nothing, Nowhere) is the most incapable phone company ever to grace the phone company market with its presence.

Also, EE, I'm still waiting on a letter response from yourselves. 


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

This guy.

Just a quick post about how much this guy is so great.

On every level, he is just a wonderful person.

He is an inspiration to me to constantly do better and be the best person I can be.

Thank you Daniel.