Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas in Hong Kong 2012

The 25th December this year was far from any 25th December I've ever known. It was really strange. I was so far from home and so far from my family and home comforts.

Dan and I started the day by putting the yummy prepared turkey into the oven at 6am. We then started opening each others presents and having coffee and biscuits. My Dad held midnight mass at his church. Click here to see the website for St. James Sutton-On-Hull Church. Because we're 8 hours ahead, after they finished midnight mass, it was already 8-9 am in the morning for us so we had a Skype until 2am their time! It was so lovely :) I sent some presents over for them so they opened it to me on Skype otherwise it would have been late afternoon for us before we could Skype them because they needed sleep!

Dan and I cooked our turkey and watch Christmassy films. It was so cosy and romantic :) 

Oir Cranberry infused turkey. Please note- It's not burnt! It's caramelised cranberries mmmMMmm.

Skype photo time!!

My lovely presents off Laura :)

Willow and Fluffy shared a Christmas kiss :)

And then Willow opened her presents :)

Sat at our table ready to eat our delicious food! Turkey for two!!

It's definitely been a Christmas to remember :) 

Monday, 24 December 2012

C&G Photography's Panoramic view of Lincoln

Here's the latest photograph of C&G Photography's new photography piece. It is a panoramic view of Lincoln at night taken right from the balcony that you can see. 
It's such a fantastic image that I had to share it.
You can see more work on their website here or you can see more work, posts and updates on their facebook page here.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Just over 3 months!... I think? & I miss music!

December 7th marked the 4th month of me being in Hong Kong. I got thinking today, how much I miss music. I occasionally get a bit of me time and I'm able to listen to acoustic music and my favourite old corny tunes. Sitting on the bus to Tai Po I'm also able to blast Jay-Z- Dirt of your shoulder but now since Dan's earphones are broken, we're gonna have to buy some more headphones which are even LOUDER!!

Today was different though- I'm missing playing music and singing so much!! I miss my guitar and I miss singing song with beautiful lyrics about love and loss and life. I miss belting at the top of my lungs when no-one can hear me!

I was thinking about when I used to have 24/7 access to a beautiful piano when I live in Derby and how I haven't played in years. There's one in the church opposite us but I really don't think they'll give us a key just so I can go and play the piano in there.

GAHH I just miss making music!

I was thinking about the first ever guitar teacher I had. He could play acoustic classical guitar like a BOSS. To be honest, I never really practiced, but I guess that doesn't matter now since I'm not really a classical guitar player. I wish I could still read music as good though.

I think this week Dan and I might go out with some friends who are playing at a local bar in Wai Tai or something or other. Maybe I'll get a chance to play and sing. It's not gonna be the same as playing my beautiful elect-acoustic Ibanez though. Man I miss that thing.

Tad drunk in this photo.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dan on Abduzeedo

Yesterday I went to the Primary School to see Dan. I went up to his desk and noticed he was working on a David Bowie drawing. He didn't finish it but continued to finish it when he got home. I took a photo of him on my polaroid camera he bought me whilst he was working on it. 

He's so so talented and has so many more drawings on his Behance which you can see by clicking here. He also has more on his blog which you can see by clicking here.

This piece of work was also featured on Abduzeedo which you can see by clicking here and here.