Thursday, 12 July 2012

Featured on Creative Split

Check out the link above to see my work featured on a design blog :)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Mrs C is 50 !!

Happy 50th Birthday to my gorgeous Mum. She doesn't even look a day over 40.
If I ever look this stunning when I'm 50, I'll be one happy woman!

    Bee birthday cake!


Make a wish!!


So beautiful!!

We went out for a lovely meal in the evening with Mandy and Roger. 

Indian food is delicious!!

Opening presents from Mandy and Roger...

Later on that evening we gave Mum a scrapbook with all photos in of when she was a baby, to a teenager to life achievements up until now :)

Happy Birthday Mum!

We hope you had a wonderful day :) 


Friday, 6 July 2012

Reverend David Clune in The Hull daly Mail !

If you've picked up The Hull Daily Mail today then you might notice a familiar face! After Local MP Karl Turner came over with a friend and fellow bee keeper, Karl tweeted about my Dad's bees and hive's, The Hull Daily Mail then called up Dad and asked to do an interview.

Here's a photograph of the clip!

Reading his article on the bus after picking up the paper.

Monday, 2 July 2012

I officially have a BA Hons Degree!!

I'm passing with a 2.1 degree in Graphic Design (BA Hons)

All that hard work has paid off!!

Graduation here I come!!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sutton Village Museum

 My Dad is Vicar of Sutton, St. James' Church and they have a wonderful museum which is featured in the old school (also where a few of the congregation actually went to school as a child!) There is a vast collection of old machinery, magazines, dresses, dolls, postcards, cameras, cigarette cases and so much more. It's so interesting and really wonderful to look at. They have such a collection of things dating back to even the 1800's. I took some photos of a few things which I particularly liked.

1950's - 1960's Pins and Needles Magazine featuring women's fashion.


Old COW & GATE Milk advertisement from the

1950's. How things have changed!

Beautiful vintage cases

Doll from 1912 made with human hair. 

Wedding Dress from 1914. So beautiful and elegant.

Pups always know when you need company

...just like my little Willow here. She flopped herself onto my lap and laid her paw on my mac. Shame she didn't actually do the work for me!


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