Wednesday, 29 May 2013


For those of you that aren't around Dan and I, we always say 'Ai Yah' as it's Chinese for 'Oh no.'

AI YAH is the title for this post because I've let you down. I'm sorry. I haven't read my book of the week! I've been so busy with my new job, travelling around London and apartment hunting with Dan that I simply just haven't had time.

But, since you asked, yes I love love LOVE my job! Digital designer. Oh it makes me so happy.

Anyway, I hope to update this blog again and hopefully will get round to reading some more as things become less hectic. Hopefully this time next week I will be posting from my new lovely swish apartment in London.  Life is good. And it will keep getting better.

And again, apologies for the late book review. Ai yah's all round.



Thursday, 23 May 2013

200th Blog post!! & Interview with Design Juices

This post is special for two reasons, the first one being this is my official 200th Blog Post since starting my blog! 

And secondly, Design Juices have been kind enough to interview me about my work and design experiences.

I'm so excited to share this. I've had great comments and feedback about it so far. Below is some images of a snapshot but you can read the full interview here: Click this link to be directed to Design Juices.

I have an actual real life job!

YES! FINALLY! After working hard, I've just accepted a job as a Digital Designer in London!

As you can imagine I'm absolutely thrilled as now this means my career has finally begun and I can move to London permanently with my other half, Dan.

I'm absolutely over-the-moon! Thank you to everyone who has been supportive these past few weeks. Times have been tough but your love and support has helped me so much. I love you all.

Ruthay xox

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

'The Goose Girl' -Shannon Hale

This week I read 'The Goose Girl' by Shannon Hale.

'The Goose Girl is a fantasy novel by Shannon Hale based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale of the same title.'

(I had no idea about this!) I think if I had known, I could have possibly written more about her originality and the difference between the two.

'At the age of sixteen Crown Princess Ani is told she must leave everything she knows, to marry someone else she has never met. It will create a powerful alliance. But fate has much worse in store for her. Ani must use every ounce of cunning and determination to defend what is rightfully hers, from those who want to take it from her.'

The first thing that stuck me about this book was its beautiful detail. I read the synopsis on the back of the book and assumed it would be a little fairytale about a Princess who was not understood and oh my, has such a hard time being a Princess, but I was actually surprised. (I did make a note myself that I wouldn't give any of the vital bits in the story away and ruin it for anyone who wants to read it, so don't worry!) The detail that author, Shannon Hale goes into let me feel the bitterness of winter on the back of my neck. I could feel the sun on my hair and the wind on my neck, like it did with the character, Ani.

When I started reading the first chapter or two, I was actually put off by the names and I'm so glad they were shortened. Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee was Ani throughout but I was still left with, Falada, Terne, Conrad, Ungalod, Geric and not to mention the name of her own Kingdom-  Kildentree. Whilst all of that is nice, I couldn't help but skip and glaze over their names. I recognised them as I read them without actually reading them (if you know what I mean). I guess it's better than using normal boring names since this is a fictional story so I guess anything goes.

About half-way through I was wondering when some action was going to happen, as I read on and read on I was thinking that the pages towards the end of the book where getting shorter and shorter and I was wondering if the story would end how I wanted it to because there seemed little pages left for all the things that had yet to happen in the story. Luckily for me, the things I wanted to happen, did happen but all a bit too quickly for my liking. I expected it to be a bit more dragged out but before I knew it, the story was moving on and I felt a little disappointed that the story had moved on so fast.

Ani seems like she's so out of place with the royal family she shares her life with. Eventually, she finds where she belongs and although this book is fiction, there's a little under lying meaning of truth that perhaps anyone who is lost, will find themselves. It's a story of love, it's a story of loss.

I think anyone looking for an easy read would enjoy this book. The way it's written is beautiful and I literally couldn't put it down. I'm a fast reader so for me, the book ended all too quickly but I'd definitely read it again.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Book - A Week

I've had this idea for a while now to read books which have been sat on my shelves for years that I haven't got round to reading. But, I wanted to do this in a different way, I want to read it in a week, and then write a review of what I thought about it, then start another book and write about that etc etc.

I'm not sure how well this will work out but I'm willing to give it a shot. I'm a natural busybody anyway and I never have a day off so I'll be reading this between everything else that I do.

The idea is that it will hopefully get me reading more, write honest reviews and hopefully encourage others to do the same.

This week I'll start with 'The Goose Girl' written by Shannon Hale. I was bought this book by a friend named Beth absolutely years ago and it's been sat on my shelf ever since. I remember her saying it was a lovely book.

I'll keep weekly Wednesday updates. Check back next Wednesday to see my review.

(Oh, I'll try to not let you down!)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Timbergram Work at Pulse, Earl's Court London

I did some work for Timbergram a few weeks ago. Yesterday I went along to the Trade Exhibit to see the Timbergram stall and to see my work featured. The work was featured at Pulse in Earl's Court Exhibition Centre.

I did a Christian range of well known, beautiful bible passages but in a typographic, illustrative style. I also created some other typographic pieces in the style of a letter board at the opticians. You can see my full in the Timbergram catalogue which you can download here: Timbergram's Catalogue 2013 , My designs are featured on pages 58-61 . Apparently there's already been orders for the Christian Range. Check out the other designers too, there's some absolutely beautiful work.

Have a look at Timbergram's website here. You can also follow them on twitter and you can like them on Facebook.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Narahyanan Krishnan - 'A companion to the forgotten'.

Start giving. See the joy of giving.

I came across this video- like most people would have - on facebook.

I was delightfully surprised and taken back by this man's genuine love and compassion for others.

In this video, Narayanan Krishnan gives to others - human to human. He gives to the poor, the needy, looks after them and cares for them. Why? Because he can.

I think you just need to watch the video. We can all learn from his example.

You can click the link here to watch it on youtube: