Thursday, 20 January 2011

'Hands' A Sense of Place

'Hands' A Sense of Place <---- Please click this link to watch the video. It will take you to 'Youtube'.

Hands are an extremely unique part of the human body. They are different shapes, sizes, colours, textures and can even tell another person how well you may take care of yourself, your occupation or even whether your are married or not. Hands are the chief organs for physically manipulating the environment and are often taken for granted. It is only when we have something such as a small cut, a medical condition or even an unfortunate loss of a finger can we then realise how much we depend on our hands to carry out simple tasks.

I have put together a collection of photographs of people’s hands from the parish of St. Marys and St. Nicolas to show the subtle differences between every pair of hands. 

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this project;

Kim d’Andilly-Clune, David Clune, Julian Clune, John Willett, Mollie Wheeler, Ruth Brend, Roger Smith, Alan Machin, Robert Molson, David Hill, Derek Smith, Ann Howard, John Howard, Philip Brassington, Marion Brassington, Peter Greensmith, John Bennett, Pearl Machin, June Smith, Paul Coleman, Jean Hill, Doreen Grummitt, Sue Binns, Jill Gorton, Kay King, Elizabeth Hall, George Hall, David Wright, Phil King, Rebecca Wilson, Mandy Monks, Mart Bennett, Lynn Chappell, Elisabeth Britton, Ann Weatherhill, Sue Houghton, Wendy Futter, Sue Slater, David Clements, Margaret Joyce, Robert Joyce, Marcia Egar, Colin Buckley, Jennifer Chappell, Joan Buckley, Tommy Charlton, Steve Binns, Rebecca Harris, Colin Harris, Barbara Harris, Alan Bashford, Peter Gorton, William Johnson, Joan Beba, Muriel Brown, Roger Bright, Maurice Darlington, Rex Ingrey, Phil Winfield, Katie Winfield, Peter Winfield, Rachel Winfield, Christine Winfield, Esther Dent, Audrey McCombe, Jack McCombe, Fay Bird,  Janet Eley, Peter Sivil, Margaret Sivil, Lynd Tyrill, Nick Adams, Penny Adams, Keith Wadsworth, Valerie Wadworth, Janice Bashford, Albert Chapman, Eileen Chapman.