Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Change of Travel blog URL!

Our travel blog can no longer be found on the previous URL. If you wish to view Daniel and my travel blog of our adventures in Hong Kong please click the following link :)

Thank you! Happy Reading :)

Monday, 19 November 2012

Sick Day

Yes, yes, my body finally discovered that's it's not a machine and finally lost in a battle of stress, lack of sleep and just being too busy. It sucks because I need to rest yet I was torn between going to work because it's my friend's last day before she leaves for another job. No doubt I will see her outside of work, but I wanted to give her a good send off.

I've been suffering from a cold this week which probably wasn't helped by climbing high-wires in the cold right at the top of Ma On Shan mountains on Thursday's Teacher's Development Day.

I finally admitted defeat and went to the doctor's yesterday and got some medication to help me feel better and to make me less zombie-like. He gave me a sick note so I called in sick- FOR A WHOLE DAY! First time in 3 months, that's so not bad I guess. Luckily, it's also Dan's day off so he will be looking after me and making sure I have enough boxes of tissues to blow my ever running snotty nose. That's love right? When he picks up your pile of snot filled tissues and puts them in the bin.

Yesterday, on my off day after going to the doctors and the supermarket to get some shopping for this coming week, we watched Kill Bill 1 and 2 and snuggled on the sofa.

Today will consist of more of that but mainly blowing my nose and sitting feeling a little bit sorry for myself.

No doubt I'll feel better tomorrow since this pills that the doctor has given me are pretty damn good!

Anyway I have lots of films to watch and sitting around to do so for now, over and out!

Dan just got up, filled up the kettle and then tried to put it in the fridge.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sometimes my blog translates to Chinese

And I have no idea why, then I refresh the page and it's all English again. It gets very annoying.

Anyway, this post was just to show you my new friend that I met today and because I simply haven't updated this blog in a while even though my days are usually very interesting.

This little guy was walking on the floor before I scooped him up and took lots of photos. He was very curious in this photo, before crawling all over the camera. He could probably see his reflection in the lens or something!

Here he is, little poser.

Oh, what's also annoying is when I'm loading a Youtube video. You know those videos you get before the video starts? Yeah? Well now mine are all in Chinese. And those Facebook adverts down the right hand side? Also in Chinese. 

Thank you Hong Kong for making advertisements even more boring to me!