Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sometimes my blog translates to Chinese

And I have no idea why, then I refresh the page and it's all English again. It gets very annoying.

Anyway, this post was just to show you my new friend that I met today and because I simply haven't updated this blog in a while even though my days are usually very interesting.

This little guy was walking on the floor before I scooped him up and took lots of photos. He was very curious in this photo, before crawling all over the camera. He could probably see his reflection in the lens or something!

Here he is, little poser.

Oh, what's also annoying is when I'm loading a Youtube video. You know those videos you get before the video starts? Yeah? Well now mine are all in Chinese. And those Facebook adverts down the right hand side? Also in Chinese. 

Thank you Hong Kong for making advertisements even more boring to me!

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