Wednesday, 15 December 2010

News Article Poster

Each week, we were given a different news article poster that we had to interpret, and then show our opinion on the chosen subject. The poster was to be given in A2 format, though some posters were slightly bigger or smaller.

The first one was about churches being used to promote films, and filming. Nicolas Cage used Glastonbury Abbey to promote his latest film about black magic, sorcery and magicians. This cause a lot of uproar as people religious people argued that Glastonbury Abbey is a holy place and therefore should not be used to promote such films.

The week after, I was given another news article about TV being better for toddlers than books. A film such as 'Alice in Wonderland' engages young children and teaches them about relationships and how people relate to one another, as well as good vs bad. It also increases childrens' braincells. A child can loose interest in a book however, especially if parents are too tired to read in a fun, creative way.

Finally, in week three I was given a news article on David Cameron and his with drawl of child benefits, despite it not being on his manifesto. This caused a lot of anger between claimers and many people felt used and lied to.

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