Friday, 22 April 2011

Giving Bees a new home.

Last night, I took my parents to collect some honey bees which had swarmed on a woman's tree. My parents boxed them up to give the a new home in one of their already-built hives.

This morning we got up to put them in, and here are the steps to building a hive ready for the bees.

All the hives

Me in my suit

Mother in her suit

A mesh floor is placed on a crate

Then a brood box is placed on the mesh floor

Wax frame foundations are put in to give the bees a little help with starting to build its honeycomb

These are placed in one by one


End boards are placed in to contain the wax frame foundations

A wooden crown board is then placed on top

...followed by the roof

My Father then attaches the ramp to allow the bees to gradually walk into the hive

The bees are placed and unravelled

The bees gradually walk into the hive

The bees then walk into their new home.

VoilĂ !

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  1. Really cool day when i came and saw.. plus i gotta see you in that white smock! hehe