Friday, 24 June 2011

Newton Press Ltd - Promotional Video

Here is a promotional video that I did for Newton Press Ltd whilst completing work experience there. The video was primarily promotional for their website but it also was to show the customer what newton press do, literally from the first idea to the final piece. I learnt how to use iMovie really well (it has limitations as a program but it still managed to look good.)

It features their machinery Presstek 34di, Roland 54 inch soljet, and 9810 ABdick and a lot of what they do as a company in the warehouse behind closed doors and all the effort and skill that it takes.

I really enjoyed my time there as well as working with all the members of staff. Thank you to Newton Press Ltd and the 'NewtonNinja' for having me.

Enjoy the video and leave comments below!


  1. looks fantastic, well done Ruth!

  2. Well done Ruth. It is a good promotional film. The music is good, the speed of the video panning is good. Good piece of work for a first attempt.