Friday, 19 August 2011

Museum of Lincolnshire Life

'The museum of Lincolnshire Life is the largest and most diverse community museum in the country and reflects the history and culture of the people of Lincolnshire'

So today I was wandering round Lincoln and there was a Museum open so I thought I'd have a little look since it was free. They had rooms typically set up such as 'The Co-op' and 'The Ironmongers', 'the Post Office' and 'The Printers'. They were authentically set up as if from that time.

Here are a few of the photos, I have to apologise for the poor quality but these were taken on my phone.

The print machine with the eagle and below the letter press type. All around the room was typical examples of what would have been printed, pasted all over the walls.

Old oxo cube tins, how cute are these? And notice how the design has barely changed.

The sweet shop and all the old tins of sweets.

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