Friday, 25 May 2012

Things I wish I could have

Okay, so I do a lot of online shopping and browsing for things which I want but can't afford for what ever reason. This is mainly out of boredom. So if anyone ever wants to take me out, feel free to!

I thought I'd start an online little collection of the things I would like. To share but also to keep for myself so maybe I can come back to this one day and go 'Oh yeah! I'm rolling in the doe, I can afford that now!'

(Also, keep checking back here as I will update this frequently. On the left hand side of a blog under 'More...' you can find a quick link :) )

So I'll start this collection off with the really beautiful silver crane necklace. Oh, so pretty!!


And I will also eventually like a beautiful coffee table somewhat similar to this one day.

I want them all !!! Available here

Beautiful. Available here

Gorgeous little bee dish. Available here 

I can't wait to get this little bee mug. Totally cute. Available here

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