Sunday, 17 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

Okay so I haven't made any new posts in a while so I thought it would be appropriate to do a few today. Last week I went out with my brother, and hiss friends Brett, Emma and Trev and we all went up to Lincoln Castle for the jubilee celebration after a lovely meal. I managed to miss the TV and the Radio man. Every time I moved to go to him, he managed to go in the opposite direction. I think he just did it to annoy me. The beacon was lit about 10.30pm and then we all trotted off home.

 The yummy pudding we had.

This man lets his daughter stick stickers on his mini. Bless! He was kind enough to let me sit and pose in it. Very happy!!

A few shots of Lincoln Castle.

The photo is a little blurry but the one above is
one of a small person in a costume. They actually spoke
and interacted with the crowd. It was great. (their heads are actually in
the very top of the bag above the fake head) Very clever!

Julian's lovely photography skills. (minus the photo on the left. Sorry about that.)

And finally.....

... the best photo of them all!! :)

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