Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I lost a little faith in the human race today

Why? Well, I'll tell you why.

Dad and I took a lovely walk with Willow to East Park in Hull. It was a gorgeous day today and with it being Summer holidays and all- a lot of families was there with their kiddies running around. In the middle of the park is a paddling area where there's lots of kids in swimsuits splashing about and having fun in the water. Then as Dad and I are passing, this little girl is screaming and crying her little head off. She must've been about 6 or so years old.

She's screaming "Nanna!!!....... Nanna!" and bless her, she's so distressed.

There were over a hundred people there, playing, chatting, swimming. A few Mums with kids walked by her, lots of people looked at her but NOT ONE person stopped to go over and help her. After about 30 seconds of watching this go on, I had to go over myself.

When I was about 7 or 8 I was with my brother and we lost my Dad near some shops and it was terrifying. So I knew exactly how this poor little girl felt. 

So, with no-one doing anything, I went into the playarea and went up to her and asked her who she was looking for. She was so upset and clearly distressed that she lost her Nanna so I took her hand and told her we'd find her and that I'd stay with her until we did. After calming her down, we only walked for 2 minutes or so around the park before she recognised her Nanna and went running to her.

But still, there were so many Mothers around looking at her and not one person stopped to see if she was okay?

What the hell happened to people caring and looking out for one another? I thought people were a little more sensitive and bolder than that. Perhaps not.

If I hadn't gone over to that little girl, I wonder how long she would have been stood there screaming and crying for her Nanna.

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