Thursday, 7 March 2013

DID- Dialogue in the Dark, Hong Kong

Today Daniel and I experience 'Dialogue in the Dark'. We were taken through a series of every day scenes by someone who is visually impaired in complete darkness. We are taken around by a man named Jack. For 75 minutes we experienced the world in a completely different way. Such a fun, scary and humbling experience. First we went outside and learnt about our surroundings with trees, plants, soil, grass and sand, then we went on a boat trip with wind and rain. This was followed by visiting the town and local shops. Afterwards we travelled to a theatre and listened to some films and music as well as exchanging money to buy drinks in a bar. Doing everything in pitch black with nothing but your hearing, smell, taste and touch is more difficult than it seems. It was absolutely inspiring. You can visit their website here. I'd seriously recommend anyone to try this! 

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