Friday, 18 November 2011


I'm an insomniac and when I do eventually get to sleep I tend to have very trippy dreams and I come in and out of sleep and sometimes get reality mixed up with my dreams.

I keep a diary of the dreams I have because some of them became too weird I wanted to write them down to look back on and remember. It will be so nice in years to come to look back on my dreams that I otherwise would have forgotten. Some are very dark and almost worrying whereas others are extremely bizarre and funny.

I tend to write in my diary when I've just woken up (of which I'm still in a very surreal state at times)

Here's an entry from 13th September 2011

'There was this guy and he got this thing mixed up with a monkey.'  It obviously must have made sense to me at the time...

And another from 22nd October 2011...

'My mum had bought a million kinder eggs boxes and I was so happy! There were loads of toys and queen and kings and a pool table in the other room also filed with loads of kinder eggs toys. It was like a little collection thing.'

These were very short entries but there are longer dreams I will share with you at some point.

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