Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Dissertation Writing...

Name ten male graphic designers.... fairly easy right? Now try naming ten female graphic designers.... a lot harder isn't it?

So, I'm writing my dissertation. Whilst some people are like 'ohh I really can't be bothered, I hate writing essays'- I'm actually particularly driven, especially because my chosen subject is something I'm passionate about and have a clear interest in... 'Inspirational women in design' (definitely bringing out my inner feminist).

I'm asking why women are not as recognised in the design industry as men are, particularly in Graphic design. Is it because there are social constraints? Are women still expected to do 'womanly' jobs or even to still stay at home being the homemaker whilst the men are out being the breadwinner? Are there other underlying reasons?

I want to question how women have contributed to design and why they are now emerging and becoming more recognised now more than ever.

I have ongoing research which seems to tell me something new every time I sit down and study. I also have a new found respect for women like Ellen Lupton, Laurie Haycock Makela, and also women who have wrote about such a particular issue that nobody seems to be addressing. I think it's incredibly important to question why the role of women in graphic design is consistently marginalised or overlooked.

By April I will have finished my dissertation and it should hopefully be available to access if any of you are interested in such issues and topics. I better get back to working now...

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