Friday, 17 February 2012

A day out...

Today I had an interview for a Junior graphic designer position in Beverley (And yes, the interview went REALLY well and yes I'd LOVE to work there but we'll see what happens!)

I had some time to kill to look round Beverley. I'd been there as a kid but can't remember it, so I hoped looking round would re-jog my memory, but it didn't unfortunately.

The Humber bridge with a bit of cloud.

I took some nice shots of the quaint town, and visited the Church there which is beautiful. It's a nice place and I'd love to go back.

Beverley, lovely little place.

A traditional butcher's. It had jam and jars in the window which was different.

A sweet /chocolate shop I ended spending a bit of money in buying gifts for people... they had the cutest chocolate I'd ever seen and it looked so traditional inside. I had to buy something. And then I ate the chocolate I bought on the train on the way home :) nom nom nom...

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