Sunday, 25 March 2012

I'm Twenty-One!!

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Yesterday (24th March) I turned 21 !! Now, I freaked out turning 20 so I thought that turning 21 was going to be a whole massive ordeal. Luckily, it wasn't! After freaking out a little bit I opened my presents. My boyfriend got me an amazing record player with a Jimi Hendrix Vinyl!! Well, I was speechless!! 

Then after that my boyfriend and I walked into town and I saw a car that looked like my parents (After for weeks telling me they couldn't come) Then I had someone who resembled my mum trying to duck of which I said 'It's my parents!!!' I started crying because I was so happy to see them. They had surprised coming to see me! But also with my Auntie and her husband!

We headed to my brother, Julian's exhibition. Click here to see his website. He had his time-lapse pieces up and his photographer partner, Brett also had his work featured. Their website is here.

After that we headed for lunch at an lovely Italian restaurant, where I was yet again surprised with a beautiful tasty cake that my mum had made for me! (I genuinely thought she had it made up by someone else it was that good! And so tasty!! I was also given some really lovely gifts and opened up all of my cards. 

We then headed back to my brother's exhibition and back to mine where I met some friends and we went our for a lovely thai meal. We went back home and then my housemates surprised me with a cake and red wine.

AND! I'm also going to London for a few days with my lovely other half. I'm the luckiest girl ever!

Thank you everyone for a wonderful day. I love you all! XXXX

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