Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sam Winston Placement // Day One

So I had my first day at work placement with the talented Sam Winston yesterday. It's been years since I've been to London, and I've never travelled there on my own so there was an awful lot to take in yesterday. Sam was kind enough to take me out to lunch with a friend. We went to happy kitchen which is a beautiful organic little food shop. The food tastes wonderful. They have strong morals about where their food is sourced from and it's all organic. I've never eaten any where like that do it was like a whole other food culture for me. Sam then took me next door to a salt bread shop where they bake everything in house- niiicee! Sam and I shared a sandwich from there. It was delicious. My train was cancelled in the evening which was a tad annoying but I eventually made it to Bishops Stortford. All in all, a great day. It is a privilege to meet Sam Winston and work with him in his space. I will be taking as much from this trip as humanly possibly and making myself a human sponge and absorbing literally everything. Here goes the next few days....!!

London Liverpool Street

Le Gun Studios Entrance

The wonderful little Salt House Bakery

The organic little 'Happy Kitchen'

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