Sunday, 30 October 2011

Lomography | Print piece

Lomography is a Magazine, a Shop, and a Community dedicated to analogue photography. It is a fun, and thrilling opportunity to put life back into photography, igniting a new style of artistic experimental photography for everyone. Photographers who use digital cameras generally have a tendency to delete unflattering images and then upload them onto a social network site.  Some may even store them onto their computer and remain there for many years without being viewed again. Lornography results in having the film developed into tangible photographs that you can hold in your hands. Having the film developed means the photographs are not viewed as they are taken and therefore waiting for the results can be more exciting. The photographs can then be put in frames, put on walls or albums so they can be viewed over and over again.

Lomography is not currently reaching out to a broader audience of older people and even some young people. Lomography can be used by all sorts of different people so it doesn’t matter what your age, profession or style is. The slogan of the campaign is ‘How do you use yours?’ asking a direct question to the audience. With this in mind I have created 10, 10 second adverts to reach out to all types of different people with very different skills, backgrounds and hobbies. I have also created a print piece, which highlights the 10 lomography prophecies also including a little introduction to Lomography. The idea of Lornography means that people are able to use the camera to take situations and opportunities that are suited and personal to the user.

I can't put up the adverts but I can show you my print piece. See below!

It's made entirely out of one A3 sheet which folds out and is carefully folded. All photography is my own.

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