Sunday, 14 April 2013


So Dan had this fantastic opportunity at working at this pretty awesome design studio in London (who designs everything in-house for Nandos! (lucky sod!) I called a friend and asked for a favour and soon we found our way to London staying in a beautiful flat in Clapham Common. (Thank you for your kindness in helping us out- you know who you are!) Here's a few snaps throughout the week.

Dan and I walked to the studio, but we were a tad early so he treated us to a fantastic English breakfast at a local cafe. Turned out we went there every day until I had to leave. 

Whilst Dan was at this studio working hard, I pottered about London, dropping into design studios when I saw Invaders art work. For anyone who doesn't know who he is- look him up. He's like a mosaic Banksy..... And if you don't know who Banksy is then you really need educating on art and culture. Clearly, people had been picking off his tiles but it was still noticeable none the less.

After that I headed to YCN to just pop in and have a look around. 

Once I finished there, it wasn't even lunch time and I was wondered what the hell I was going to do for the rest of the day. After seeing Invaders art work I was thinking that I could just go around London looking for Banksy's work since I know that there are originals about somewhere.

My quest had begun.

I headed to Shore Ditch station and found this- a fence of love. People would write their name on a lock, lock in to the fence and throw away the key. It did look really pretty.

Firstly I headed to Mayfair to see this piece. I have to say, it wasn't where I expected it. Unless I had directions from the internet- I wouldn't have seen it. It was high up on a building side.

 After seeing the first piece, I headed down Oxford to see some lovely shops.

Don't forget Hamley's the toy store!

HEY HO! If you saw my last post, you've have seen this guy who I met.
Yeah, that was a pretty awesome 15 minutes of my day.


Finally, I headed to the BT tower and saw this piece. It's covered over with plastic to ensure it can't be removed or vandalised. It looked absolutely fantastic seeing this in the flesh. Everyone was wondering why on earth I was taking photos on graffiti. I'm guessing they didn't know. Tut.

It was a pretty awesome, full packed week. So much happened, saw so much and was lucky enough to meet a legend. And it's all thanks to Dan, because if he didn't get a fantastic opportunity, I couldn't have even gone. I'm a lucky gal :)

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