Friday, 26 April 2013

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So the week started with Willow thinking she was giddy-ing up like a horse. Bless her, she enjoyed the sunshine so much.

Then on Saturday when I was on the way to Doncaster to see the other half, the train conductor clipped my ticket as usual, but not with a usual clip. It was a little train! Made me smile so much!

Our time in London started with much needed cuddles on one of the comfiest beds ever. Dan and I didn't wanna move! 

My first day alone whilst Dan was working was literally me not leaving the bed until I was hungry and had to get food. It was a pretty awesome day of much needed rest and sleep.

BUT! The day after, on Tuesday I headed into London town. I must've looked like a right tourist taking photos of everything. My day started at the butterfly park just outside the Natural History Museum.

They are so beautiful !

After that I headed to the History Museum and then the Science Museum.

I thought this was quite interesting; Go Mary!

The next lot of photos are from Trafalgar Square. Then I headed to St. Paul's Cathedral to light a candle then went to the Modern Tate and onto South-bank before heading home.

I've bought tickets for my Dad and I to see his exhibition in August!


St. Paul's Cathedral 

I picked these 1st Edition Penguin and Pelican books. 1942 and 1950. I loved them so much I had to get them. There was a little book-market and litho-prints available and they had a huge range of penguin books and old books that are no longer in print. Was quite interesting- any book lovers should definitely check it out.

When I got home I enjoyed my love-tub chico pudding :) Yum!

Dan took me and a few other friends out with...


Yes, the Nando's black card does exist! And yes, we got a lot of free chicken, and yes.... it was delicious!

Lucky us :)

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