Saturday, 15 March 2014

Nick Mulvey, Scala London

On Tuesday night, Dan and I went out to Scala in London to see Nick Mulvey live. Nick has been on the radio a lot lately and I heard him and instantly loved his voice and music. Luckily, there was still tickets to see him live so I snapped some up quick. They sold out later that day.

Dan and I went to dinner first and then went to the venue.

He was absolutely fantastic and his voice was impeccable. His guitar skills were incredible and had the entire venue absolutely quiet. There's no doubt that I'll be seeing this guy again at some point in the future when he's selling out arenas.

Afterwards, Nick did a meet a greet and I took a cheeky selfie with the guy. He was so chilled and relaxed and was happy to have a chat. A friend actually knew his tour manager and informed us we had a personalised, signed copy of his CD in the back. How nice :)

Great night.

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