Sunday, 13 April 2014

Arthur Razor - Website Launch!

Yes, this is a very belated post, as most of you know!

A couple of weeks ago, DANDILLY (Dan and I's newly formed design duo freelance business!) had the pleasure of launching Arthur Razor's brand new website. Having been working hard on the designs for a couple of months, we finally launched the site on April Fool's with a cheeky 404 page...(click here to see it!)

We're super pleased with the site, and it was fantastic working with Arthur Razor. 
You might even find a few very interesting testimonials too. Having initially emailing Tim Vincent (former Blue Peter presenter) the site to see what he thought, he tweeted it before it even went live.
Deary me! 

It all ended very well though, and Arthur Razor has had excellent feedback, including that of an employee of Google with also a dramatic increase of their online bookings.

You can see this project on our website and live at

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