Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Birthday & Parents, Meeting Russell Howard, Lion King

So the past few weeks have been pretty crazy! Since my last post on the 23rd, I've had a wonderful birthday where I turned yet another year older, (to my horror!). I remember freaking out when I turned 20 which Dan remembers very well, I'm sure.

I went to work as usual and was presented with lovely a lovely birthday cake from my colleagues, cards and a lovely bunch of flowers from my in-laws.

After work I headed home where I shortly received a buzzer from the door with "Flowers for Ms Clannne!" I headed downstairs to open the door thinking "I know that voice, but where? I think it sounds like my Dad but he's not visiting until Thursday" before I opened the door to find both my parents stood outside with flowers and presents saying "Happy Birthday!" Dan was in on it too...

After getting all their bags (technically my bags for presents) up the stairs, we sat down and had a culpa before Dan came in with his cheeky smile. He'd booked a table at the local Italian-pub round the corner that does amazing food. We had drinks, food, good conversation followed by yet another yummy birthday cake!

Heading home, we were all stuffed and I opened my presents for everyone, then headed off to bed.

The next evening I met my parents in Covent Garden as one of the gifts that Dan got me was tickets to see the Lion King musical as its on my 30 before 30 list. Click here to read more about that.
As I was waiting for my parents, who should I see catch my eye other than the great Russell Howard. Quick chat, photograph and he was on his way. What a nice chap, and he smelt so good. My parents were really jealous, but what a great way to start the evening!

We met Dan, headed to the show and sat back and watched an incredible musical. My parents managed to get tickets for this too but they were sat at the other side of the theatre to us. The props, production and actors/actresses were incredible. I remember watching the Lion King almost every week as a child so I knew the lines perfectly. It was so wonderful that I almost cried. The powerful African music and orchestra just took my breath away.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a very special few days. You're all lovely and I love you lots!

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