Sunday, 4 September 2011


My parents are proud new owners of 14 ex-battery hens. They came to us all timid and shy and without many feathers because they would peck them off each other in the cages because they were so bored. We are showing them how to LIVE! They're so lovely and clearly love being outdoors in a lovely big garden. After learning about the conditions they were kept in- I'll urge everyone to buy free range eggs. The conditions they are kept in at factories are shocking and incredibly cruel. Plus, free range eggs taste even better.

They're so lovely! I have one named Nugget and we have a really 'in your face' character named Corin.

Here's Corin!

This is scramble- she's very timid and is bullied by the others. She's the most featherless chicken but they're gradually growing back and she'll soon look lovely and golden like the others.

Lovely big free-range eggs.

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