Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I think therefore I am...

A manifesto written to inspire and provoke thought. Written by yours truly;

I think, therefore I am. If I can think, I am alive. If I am alive then I have interest and meaning. If I have interest and meaning then I have a purpose. If I have purpose than no-one should ever make me feel like I’m less than what I am.

I believe that destruction is a form of creation.
What you think is lost isn’t lost at all.
What you think is destroyed can be rebuilt.
What you think is hard may be just a challenge.
What you think can’t happen, just might.
What you think can’t heal, has the potential to recover.
What you think is too big could be significant.
What you think is bad news could transpire into the best news you’ve ever heard.

Subvert expectation completely. If you never expect, you are never disappointed. I’ve been disappointed too many times to recall. This is something I’ve simply learnt- to not expect anything from anyone. At the end of the day, everyone is out for him or herself.

You certainly don’t want anyone who doesn’t want you- one of the best bits of advice ever given to me from my Dad. You must value yourself more than that. I can recall lowering myself for individuals who weren't even worth it and I was only used. I will never put myself in a position where anyone will treat me any less than I deserve.

You need to get up everyday and get on with life, because if you don’t then you’ll only go crazy.
Never look down at others unless you are helping them up - simple as that.

I believe that you should treat those you love with respect- if you don’t treat those closest to you with respect and love then you won’t have anyone who you can call ‘close’. I was always told to talk to your parents how you would talk to your friends parents.

Work hard then play hard. I heard this ‘crap’ all the time growing up -but another one of the best things my Dad ever said to me, and he’s dead right. You will never achieve unless you put in the effort in the first place. Really beginning to understand that balance is how I’ve managed to produce some great work that I’m personally proud of. My parents have always pushed me and preached to me when I’m ‘burning the candles at both ends’. There’s nothing that I cannot do.

I believe you should always be sincere, free of deceit and untruthfulness. It will come back and bite you on the bottom. Sometimes the truth hurts, sometimes it breaks relationships and trust. But what I’ve learnt is that more often than not you can’t expect people to be honest with you if you aren’t honest to them.

Life is too short to spend it with assholes. I read this somewhere and it’s so true. Unfortunately I’ve been surrounded by assholes all my life but I’m gradually pushing them out my life one by one!

Be thirsty to learn. I’ve accepted that sometimes I need to learn about things I’m not interested in. Sometimes you have to learn about different thngs in order to learn and generate new ideas that you can apply to your work. If your mind doesn’t grow then neither will your ideas.

Maybe you can read this and take something away from it.  Maybe you can't. Maybe it's at least provoked a thought. 

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